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Aug 21, 2013 12:00pm EDT
from bruce springstein and usher to paul ryan, michelle obama, and women just like you. >> it's a combination of things that are very difficult. oddly enough, as americans we don't mind being challenged. we don't mind working hard. especially in this country, you're stepping it up and getting done and getting fit and staying fit. and that to me says i'm doing my job. dr. oz: can his breakthrough plan reshape your body? well, you say -- and you are famous for helping a lot of folks lose weight but you are argued that you are disappointd with dieters. why? >> when i think of the wrong things, focusing of looking good in that black dress for the reunion which is not about the big picture. what i do with my new food program or px it's focusing on the long term. you can think about 90 days from now but if you eat right today and exercise, you'll feed good today. dr. oz: come ofpblet as long as folks are losing weight. why do you care about the motivation? >> look, there's nothing wrong with looking good. that's part of the puzzle. i'm the first guy to lift up his shirt tat drop of
Aug 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
a celebrity thief. there's even a wikipedia page talking about his heists. bruce springstein, billy joel, steven spielburg and curt goudy. he's snatched over $6 million worth of silver. his m.o. was always the same. case a mansion, break in undetected, quietly steal the silver sometimes while the homeowners were asleep in their beds. his ability to elude authorities like a movie. catch me if you can. >> you're going to have to catch me. >> reporter: police consider him a master thief, always one step ahead, that is until monday. acting on a tip, deputies captured nordall in tiny hi hillyard. >> he seems to get a thrill on sneaking into someone's home and stealing their expensive silver. >> reporter: his latest targets were members of atlanta's high society. one member said she lost precious heirlooms. >> he took antiques, flatware. he knew exactly what to take. >> reporter: he's a suspect in 70 burglaries in 7 stakes. he knows the stakes. he's lost before. 17 years ago he was nabbed for breaking into yvonne na trumps home. >> i've been chasing him long enough. i think this is really the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2